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New York State Domestic Incident Report (DIR)

Effective April 2016, New York State revised its Domestic Incident Report (DIR) to improve its format and enhance its effectiveness and usability by law enforcement professionals. These improvements make it easier to complete the form accurately and allow law enforcement to capture additional information, making the form more useful to law enforcement and enhancing the data included in the state’s Domestic Incident Report Repository.

DCJS and the New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence developed the revised form with assistance from a broad stakeholder group that included representatives from police agencies, district attorneys’ offices, civil legal services, victims service and advocacy agencies.

The New York State Domestic Incident Report now includes:

  • Tips for completion
  • Ample spacing for ease and accuracy of completion
  • In-depth information gathering including prior domestic violence history
  • Enriched evidence collection to aid prosecution
  • Details of risk factors to assist with victim safety
  • Space for law enforcement to include local Domestic Violence hotline information
  • Up-to-date information on Designated Family Offenses in the Reference Guide

New York State Domestic Incident Report (DIR)

DIR Quick Reference Guide

New York State Domestic Incident Report Repository


Law Enforcement Resources


DCJS has developed an online training designed to provide officers with a comprehensive overview of how to complete the DIR.
The training is available via the eJusticeNY Integrated Justice Portal (IJPortal).

After logging on to the IJ Portal, click the following: Resources > Law Enforcement Training > Reference Library

Ordering DIR Forms

Requests for additional DIRs must be e-mailed to dcjs.dl.dirform@dcjs.ny.gov

When ordering forms, please provide the agency name and street address for shipment. DIRs will not be sent to a P.O. Box.

Domestic Violence Victim Rights Notice

Law enforcement is statutorily required to provide non-English speaking victims with a copy of the DIR Domestic Violence Victim Rights Notice in the victim’s native language when identified.

To assist with this requirement, the DIR Domestic Violence Victim Rights Notice is available to law enforcement in the ten most common non-English languages spoken by individuals in New York State:

Spanish Victim Rights Notice: Aviso de los derechos de la víctima de violencia doméstica

Haitian Creole Victim Rights Notice: Avi konsènan Dwa Moun ki Viktim nan Vyolans nan Kay

Bengali Victim Rights Notice: বাংলা ভিকটিম রাইটস নোটিশ

Korean Victim Rights Notice: 가정폭력 피해자 권리 고지

Russian Victim Rights Notice: Уведомление о правах жертв домашнего насилия

Simplified Chinese Victim Rights Notice: 家庭暴力受害者权利通知

Arabic Victim Rights Notice: إشعار حقوق الضحايا

Yiddish Victim Rights Notice: וויקטים רעכטן מעלדונג

Italian Victim Rights Notice: Avviso sui diritti delle vittime

Polish Victim Rights Notice: Powiadomienie o prawach ofiary

French Victim Rights Notice: Avis sur les droits des victimes de violence domestique

گھریلو تشدد کے شکار کے حقوق کا نوٹسUrdu Victim Rights Notice:


Additional Information

For additional information on the DIR and responding to domestic violence calls for service, visit the Information for Professionals/Criminal Justice

For more information on the Domestic Incident Report form, please contact the Public Safety Contact Center at PortalHelpDesk@ejusticeny.ny.gov or 800-262-3257, option 1.